One app for everything: Interactive enterprise experience!

Whether virtual product presentations, seamless communication or customized customer portals – combines all functions that make your company more efficient. Specially developed for small to medium-sized industrial companies.

No credit card necessary. Recommended by well-known companies.

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Virtual 3D demonstrations

Experience your machines in new splendor!

Showcase your products with realistic 3D models and delight customers worldwide.

Use high-quality 3D models to represent your machines and capital goods in detail.
Show features and benefits in an interactive virtual environment.
Shorten your customers’ decision-making process with real-world demonstrations.
Seamless video conferencing

Communicate efficiently and personally!

From individual one-on-one meetings to large webinars and virtual events, stay connected.

Have face-to-face conversations with your customers and partners, regardless of their location.
Host webinars and virtual events to share your expertise with a large audience.
Use screen sharing and presentation features to communicate effectively.
Chat and data exchange

Communicate in real time!

Network with your partners and customers, share information and get quick results.

Chat in real time with your team, customers, and suppliers to respond quickly to requests.
Share documents, images and data securely and efficiently.
Achieve fast results through seamless collaboration in our platform.
Create impressive landing pages

Present your company in the best light!

Create engaging landing pages to attract potential customers and showcase your brand in the best possible way.

Design professional landing pages without technical knowledge with our user-friendly editor.
Present your products and services in an appealing and convincing way.
Use call-to-action elements and lead generation tools to engage potential customers.
Custom portals

Create a customized experience!

Provide your partners and customers with secure access to specific content and information.

Set up custom portals tailored to the needs of your customers and partners.
Provide personalized access to product data, training materials, and service information.
Strengthen customer loyalty and foster collaboration through customized portals.
News system

Stay up to date and share!

Share news, experiences and best practices in a social network-like environment.

Stay up to date with the latest industry-relevant news.
Share experiences and best practices with other industrial companies.
Use our news system as a platform to share knowledge and strengthen your community.

All-in-one approach offers an all-in-one solution that includes all the features you need for live interactions. From an integrated video conferencing system and connectivity to external systems like CRMs to multilingualism and DSGVO compliance – we’ve got it covered. Customize the platform to your exact needs and maximize your success.

Experience fun online and offline

The conversation does not stop when the Internet connection is weak. With you can present your machine demonstrations both online and offline. No more limitations – impress your audience anytime, anywhere!

Privacy and security

We know that protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance. adheres to the DSGVO guidelines and hosts your data securely in Germany. This way, you can rely on the highest security standards and instill confidence in your customers.

Seamless integration and automation to existing systems. easily integrates with almost any system like your CRM, calendar and many more systems via the Zapier interface without any programming knowledge, so you can automate data handling and scale your process with ease.

Start your interactive future

No credit card necessary. Recommended by well-known companies.