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Here we show you how to find other users on the platform and invite new contacts.

Don’t feel like reading: You can find our video tutorial at the bottom of the page.

Once you are logged in to, you have the option to search for other users on the platform or invite new contacts.

To do this, click on the network icon in the upper right corner.

The “My network” page opens.

Using the search field, you have the option to search for contacts or use the “Send invitation by e-mail” button to send an e-mail to the desired person inviting them to join your network on

If you want to use the search function, type the name of the person you are looking for in the search field.

Contacts that match the search criteria will now be suggested to you.

Select the desired contact from the suggestions and click the “Network” button.

The contact has now been added to your network.

If you do not get any hits in your search, the contact you are looking for is not yet a registered user of

A window will now open where you can enter the e-mail address and the first and last name of the person.

By clicking on the “Invite” button, an invitation e-mail will now be sent to the desired contact.

Video tutorial