How to register your company on



In this article, we explain the process of registering a company on and what to keep in mind.

Basic considerations before registration

Your company can use for a wide variety of applications. Of course, you are free to choose whether you want to use all or only some of the functions. We welcome every new exhibiting company and help with custom setup to make your virtual experience as immersive as possible.

We recommend that you make a consultation appointment with us before placing your order, so that together we can agree on the best possible use of for you. Furthermore, we determine how many areas you need for your desired use and how many users you should expect in them.

You have not yet carried out a consultation appointment? Then you can book an appointment with us directly here.

Depending on this, you will need appropriate staff to manage users and content and we can recommend the appropriate subscription model.

We offer very transparent subscription models based on the amount of administrators. This way, you can already use the full range of functions at very manageable costs, and the more successful is for your company, the larger your user base will become.

In addition to the scope of users and areas, you should already have identified initial ideas about which products you would like to represent in three dimensions – if this is relevant to you at all.

The important considerations are accordingly:

  • Quantity administrators
  • Scope areas and contents
  • 3D products yes/no and if yes, who could create them


If you would first like to get a comprehensive insight into the functions and test everything at your leisure, you can register your company free of charge here:

If you already know which subscription suits you, choose it here accordingly and book it with the option to cancel the subscription for free in the first three months or downgrade to the “Free” plan. With the free version you still have the possibility to publicly exhibit your company on

Here you can find our price models and the possibility to choose and book one directly.

Registration procedure

In the form for registering or booking the corresponding subscription package, you directly enter all relevant information: Company name, contact details and also the industry in which you would like to be listed on

After the “confirmation” of the form you will receive within 24 hours after verification by us, your individual company area and an invitation on You can get started right away and edit your company details and make your content available on

During the first 3 months, the team is available to you extensively and free of charge for any questions and for support with the setup. You will be informed how to make use of this in the confirmation after your registration has been checked.

Generally, you will be assigned a contact person from the service team who has extensive experience in both setup and general virtual event formats, 3D file management and experience design. So you are very welcome to ask questions that deal, for example, with the implementation of a webinar or other challenges that you would like to solve with