How to use and set up for yourself as a visitor



Users can already use a wide range of functions on Video conferencing, calendar, networking and chat functions.

Register as user

In order to use the functions, registration is necessary. Registration takes place directly via the platform at There you fill in the fields, agree to the data processing and the terms of use and then click on “Register”.

After you have registered, you still need to confirm the correctness of the email address by clicking on the link in the email that was sent to you. Afterwards you can directly use all functions free of charge for the exchange with your network.

After successful registration, log in to accordingly. This will first take you to the home page and from there you can explore the different sections and functions. When you log in for the first time, you will receive an initial introduction that explains the areas and functions so that you know directly in which area and with which symbol which function can be found.

Complete user profile

Via your own user profile (accessible via the icon in the upper right corner) you can add even more data, which is helpful for the social exchange on the platform.

In your profile, complete your contact information and add a picture. You can upload your own picture or take a new picture of yourself directly via your computer camera and upload it to the platform.

Your contact details are not visible to anyone but yourself. However, these help us to suggest exciting and suitable users who register on the platform.

Your profile picture will be visible to all your contacts to recognize you faster and also to develop the personal relationship with you. We recommend using a picture that shows you in profile in large size, otherwise the recognizability suffers with smaller representations.

If you do not want to be informed about updates that are relevant for you, you can also deactivate this notification. These notifications inform you about appointments or new documents which are available for you. However, the notifications come at most collected once a day, and only when there is really news to announce or we want to remind you of an appointment the following day.

Search and network with other users

You can search all users already registered on To do this, go to the “Network” icon at the top right.

You will then be taken to a page with a search mask. Here you enter the name of the person you are looking for. If the person is already registered on, you can use the “Network” button to send this person a networking request. The person will be informed by us via email about your networking request and can then decide whether to confirm the networking or not.

If the person is not yet registered on, you can invite this person to by e-mail and thus network with him or her directly. We have created an email template via the “Send invitation by email” button below the search box, which will automatically add the person to your contacts once they have accepted your invitation.

Another way to invite your contact to If your contact does not appear in the search result, a field will be displayed directly where you can enter the name and e-mail address of your contact. This will automatically generate an email from, which your contact will receive to connect with you on

Once you are connected with a person, you can use the chat and group chat function of, make appointments or start a video conference directly.

Use calendar and set appointments

Navigate to your individual calendar from at the top right. In this calendar, all dates relevant for you appear, which are available via These can be your personal appointments or virtual events made available to you by exhibitors.

You participate in an appointment by simply clicking on the “eye” icon directly below the appointment. This will start the video conference directly in your browser window.

You can set up a new appointment by clicking on the “+”. A new form will open where you can add the title, description and other participants using the “+” to the right of the participants area.

Also, choose whether you still want to set up a lobby when you start the video conference, so that your participants wait first until you let them into the conference. If you do not set up a lobby, all participants are automatically added to the conference as soon as you start the conference.

You can also adjust or postpone an appointment afterwards, or add more participants. To do this, click on the “Edit” icon and make the appropriate adjustments. Click on “Save” to apply the changes and inform all participants accordingly.

If you need to cancel an appointment, click the trash icon, this will delete the appointment and all participants will be notified of the “appointment cancellation” via email.

Start text chat

You can use text chat with your contacts via To do this, call up the “Messages” window at the bottom right to open the text chat area. You will directly see a list of your contacts. Clicking on a contact opens the chat window to the left of it. Below you will find the field for your message.

You can see from the green marked circles on the profile pictures of the contacts whether they are currently available online on If the contact is not online, he will receive an e-mail after you have sent him a message, so that he does not miss the message and, if necessary. can come directly to you online.

If you are online and receive a new message, a sound will be played. Unless you want to be disturbed, click the “bell” icon in the message box to disable notification sounds.

Set up group chat

You set up a group chat by clicking the “Edit” icon right next to the bell.

This will start a form where you can give the group chat a title and select your contacts after “Save”.

Search for the contacts you want to add to the group. Once all the contacts are selected, the group is created by clicking the “Create” button.

All users in the group will automatically receive an email if they have unread messages in the group.

The newly created group will appear in the chat window above your contacts in the “Group chat” area. Here you have the possibility to edit, delete or add more participants to the group.