Machine demonstration at Interzum 2023

KSM’s success story with virtual machine demonstrations.

From Reality to Virtual Reality

KSM Maschinentechnik, a leading company in special machinery for the production of mattresses from Germany, has set standards at Interzum 2023. The company is known worldwide for the highest quality, modularity and innovation in its industry. To make a lasting impression at this prestigious trade show and make the most of the limited and expensive booth space, KSM opted for an innovative solution – 3D visualization of its entire machine portfolio. In this blog post, you will learn how this virtual representation impressively showcased the automation potential and scope of KSM Maschinentechnik’s services.

The customer and the challenge:

KSM Maschinentechnik is a pioneer in the manufacture of special machines for the production of mattresses. At Interzum 2023, one of the most important trade fairs for the furniture and supplier industry, the company wanted to present its extensive range of services. The challenge was to display all the machines in a limited exhibition space and show visitors the full scope of a fully automated production line. A cost-intensive task that called for an innovative solution.

The solution: 3D visualization

KSM Maschinentechnik chose to physically exhibit one of its machines at the show, while the entire machine portfolio was presented virtually via a 3D visualization of an entire production line. The application ran on the app, an intuitive platform that allows complex 3D representations to be displayed on a touch display, among other things. The 3D team of prepared the machine data of KSM and enriched it with further information and animations to impressively present the functions and performance of the individual machines and also the entire production plant.

Results and feedback:

The response to this innovative presentation method was overwhelming. KSM was already able to generate its first customer orders at the trade show. Interested visitors were able to learn about the touch application on their own and then ask any questions they still had. The customer feedback speaks volumes. KSM expressed his enthusiasm: “Now I can finally present my options collected in one solution and no longer need to call up many videos and documents to explain something. Also, the in-person demonstrations, which involve effort, are no longer necessary in this form.”

The customer is highly satisfied with the trade fair participation and the innovative presentation, both visually/graphically and with the numerous functions.

Sales Perspective

This offers valuable effects for the industry:

  1. Cost savings and efficient use of resources: KSM’s innovative presentation method made it possible to optimize the trade fair presence and reduce costs without sacrificing the presentation of products and services. Companies can adopt this strategy to use their marketing budgets more efficiently.
  2. Increase customer interaction: The 3D visualization and interactive display attracted customers and promoted customer interaction. Companies can use this as an opportunity to better engage customers and build relationships at trade shows and events.
  3. Sales promotion and lead generation: The ability to generate customer orders at the show and encourage prospects to make inquiries shows how companies can use trade show presence to generate sales and collect leads directly.
  4. Creative presentation solutions: The case study highlights the need to find creative and cost-effective ways to present products and services at trade shows. The combination of physical and virtual presentation can be a compelling selling point.
  5. Increased efficiency: 3D visualization reduced the need for elaborate in-person demonstrations and made information more accessible. This saves time and resources and increases efficiency in sales.
  6. Technology as a sales tool: The use of 3D visualization and interactive touch displays can revolutionize the way products and services are presented. Companies should consider the possibilities of such technologies.


KSM Maschinentechnik proved at Interzum 2023 that innovation and creativity are the key to success. Through 3D visualization and the use of the platform, the company was able to present its entire range of services, inspire customers and win valuable orders. This project once again underscores KSM’s position as an industry leader in special machine construction.

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